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  1. Hello Argon, would you mind telling us briefly about yourself?
    >My name is Augustino, but folks do call me Argon. Am a skateboarder and an activist from Tanzania.
  2. What is your activist role in Tanzania?
    >Actually, am a founder of Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle. Also I do collaborate with different skaters in the country and world in general to bring up our scene to the world.
  3. And what is your age, what do you do apart from skateboarding
    >Am 20 years old born on 5th February. Am a high school student out of skateboarding doing science subjects.
  4. A science student, how do you cope up with the subjects  and at the same time pushing skateboarding? Are you not wasting your time?
    >I never wasted my time, and people should know in doing anything positive we have to sacrifice even our simple golden talents. And this is how I work because I…

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1.How does the world know you? Tell your name…

My name is Gideon lyimo
2. Age, where are you from and where do you live?
Am 20 years old, from Tanzania. I grew up and live in the capital city-Dodoma. A region found in the central part, a small place with people of different cultures. It takes me about 5 minutes to get at the city center.
3.Do you have a nickname?
Yes I do
4. How did you get your nickname? Does it hold any special meaning?
Folks in the neighbournood used to call me Giddy, later they changed into Geezy. Basically it has no meaning!!!
5. How do you like your nickname?
Its simple and funny name, I go crazy when girls scream it…
6. Tell some 20s staffs, you mentioned girls screaming your name.
Hahhhaaah teeh, no staffs like that PS its too personal… I was add…

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updates from usu

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The Africa Skateboarding Magazine, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania! The three Countries are the representative of the East African Countries in that Magazine and so far, Uganda has the best Skateboarders since they started the game in 2005! Right know, they have young Skateboarders (Up coming Skateboarders) the first young Skateboarder is Bashiri who is on the first page of The Uganda Skateboard Union, Duckx the brother of Douglas, Cedric, Morris are some of the young Skateboarders in the Union.

Jack is so proud of the Skateboarding! The game now is going on growing slowly by slowly like his dream use to be at the begging. He could not believe that even the Skateboard Magazine contest can happen in East Africa! Yeah, we love also other Countries to come and participate in this contest.

Enjoyment and life of Skateboarding in the Capital City of Uganda! Kampala is so great on the…

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