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I grew up in…(city, country, family, occupation)
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I grew up in a slam area known as Gulf found in kitintale Kampala Uganda.
My parents have been living here for the past thirty years’ attended my high school at St Kizito secondary school.
Iam a self employed Graphic Designer basically doing video and photo editing.

For me, sport means…?
(max. 200 words)

For me it means the day i was inspired by a pro skateboarder known as Dewonsong.
Finally in 2004 i got a chance to start skateboarding on a small mine ramp which was constructed by Jackson Mubiru and south African skateboarder called Shawl swart who had come to study from Uganda.
And in 2005 Brian Lye a Canadian filmmaker came and made an online campaign on indie go in order to fund raise funds for constructing a bigger skate park which is currently being used.
Therefore skateboarding as as sport has changed my life from being influenced in bad peer groups .staling meeting new people from different mothers and countries to and being a coach of a skate organization known as Uganda skateboard union (USU) to a new of having a heart to help out kids in our local community teaching them moral values and skateboarding.

I am a coach of…since…?
(max. 200 words)

Iam a coach of ugandaskatboard union since 2005 and at the same time skateboarder.
Due to this course I have been an instructor to the senior skateboarders.
I have learnt to appreciate their effort they put in learning how to skate which makes me a tutors to them.

I am a coach, because…?
(max. 200 words)
Iam really a coach who just loves helping out my students and my project ugandaskateboard union(USU) and the senior skateboarders, teaching them the basics of skateboarding like how to do ollies ,boneless tricks and flips etc.
I consider myself to be a tutors to them because i just love helping the kids with what i have learn t so far as long has moral support towards their being is concerned.

My dream is…
(max. 200 words

My dream is to become a professional photo graph er,Graphic designer and pro a pro skateboarder.
I spend more of my time shooting skateboarding clips and photos than skating.
I use my phone to capture the clips and photos later edit them using my cousin sister’s laptop which has greatly increased my editing skills.
But I would like to study more about it.
Also to get my own camera and computer to use than using my cousin sister’s laptop.
Maybe to have a chance to meet more different coaches from different parts of the wor


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